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Children diagnosed with attention difficulties may face increased reading difficulties and may choose not to read for pleasure. Research questions used to explore this issue focused on what difficulties these students face in learning to read and how these affect their attitudes on reading and school performance. A second set of questions asked whether these children enjoy reading and how watching television relates to their reading? The third set of questions asked about parents reactions to any difficulties their children had in learning to read and their thoughts involving their children and reading for p)easure? The fourth set of questions asked whether the parents read when they were younger and whether they read to their child and whether these children view them reading. After compiling the information, the researcher found, in general, that three of four students enjoy reading for pleasure and read different formats such as newspapers, books, and magazines. They do not find reading difficult, but they did find it difficult to concentrate while reading and may have troubles remembering what was read. The students in this study, although diagnosed with attention difficulties, performed well above proficiency levels on the Iowa Test, of Basic Skills. All four participants varied in abilities and diagnosis, appeared to find reading an easy thing to do, and enjoyed reading for pleasure as a whole. Educators may need to reexamine their stereotypes about reading difficulties that students with attention difficulties may have.

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Barbara Safford


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