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The problem identified by the research is that schools may not be meeting the needs of all students in typical school library environments. This research used a mixed methods approach to investigate newly constructed or remodeled school library facilities in eastern Iowa to assess accessibility to the library facility for individuals with disabilities.

Ten librarians within one regional center that had newly built or remodeled libraries were asked to participate in the study along with one special education teacher within each building. Out of ten librarians asked to participate in the study, eight agreed to participate along with four special education teachers. A checklist was used to inquire about where the facility stood in complying with ADA law and whether or not building requirements had been implemented into the design of the structure. Interviews were conducted individually with the librarians and special education teachers for them to elaborate on their feelings concerning the library facility.

During the interviews, the researcher found that most librarians believed their library met code requirements and no changes needed to be made, but some gave suggestions for possible improvements. Using a facilities checklist, the researcher found that although all of the schools were found to be within minimal compliance to the law requirements, each building had several areas needing improvement. All of the buildings were designed to accommodate individuals with orthopedic needs, but almost all of the facilities needed to improve making accommodations for individuals with hearing and visual impairments.

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Karla Krueger


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