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The purpose of this research project was to write a historical fiction novel based on true accounts of the Indian captive Olive Oatman. Many times historical fiction novels are designed to entertain the reader, while educating them about historical facts and events. The writer hopes that this piece of literature will serve as a tool to educators in developing their Native American units to meet the needs and interests of the children. The book will help any child who reads it to understand the way of life for Native Americans and some of the ordeals that captives had to endure while in the custody of these tribes. The reader will discover ways used to survive among the Native Americans and many of the different belief of the captives.

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Master of Arts


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Division of School Library Studies

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Barbara Safford


The creative work referenced in this graduate research paper, The Marks of the Shaman: The Diary of Indian Captive Olive Oatman, currently is not being made available in electronic format through UNI ScholarWorks.

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