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The American theatre of the early nineteenth century was strongly dependent upon the European theatre. American theatre goers looked across the ocean to import talent, playwrights, plays, and actors. Not until mid-century did America begin to develop its wold-wide theatre influence. Specifically, the latter half of the nineteenth century yielded one of the most influential director/playwrights of the American theatre until that time. Modern American drama begins with Augustin Daly (Quinn 1).

John Augustin Daly, the son of an American sea captain and a British Lieutenant's daughter, was born on the seventh of July, 1838 in Plymouth, North Carolina (Johnson 8). His father died soon after his birth, so his mother moved to New York City where Daly developed his strict Catholic faith, a loyalty he maintained until his death in 1899 (Winter, Vagrant Memories 246). From the outset, the young Daly had a passion for the theatre; but not as an actor but as a new creative force, the director. Judge Joseph Daly, Augustin's older brother, attributes (at least partially) his desire for directing to Daly's disheartening first acting experience.

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