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This study was performed to learn if Iowa public schools were using internal or external BBS. Public school districts were assigned a number in the Iowa Educational Directory. 1992-93. then using a random table, one hundred school districts were chosen. A letter, a questionnaire, and a self-addressed, stamped envelope were addressed to the superintendent asking him/her to forward the items to someone in the district who was knowledgeable about BBS. The letter, questionnaire, and envelope were sent April 30, 1993 and were the recipients were asked to return the questionnaire to the researcher by May 14, 1993. Of the questionnaires returned, sixty seven (82.7%) indicated that they did not use internal or external BBS. Fourteen (17.3%) of the respondents indicated they did use an internal or external BBS.

Teachers, media specialists, guidance counselors, administrators, and students used the varied BBS. Teachers were the most common users. Electronic mail, conferencing/chat, and database access were all being used by the school districts. BBS have been used since 1987 by school districts and by 1991, the fourteen positively responding school districts have used at least one BBS.

Many of the BBS used required no budgets. Ones that required financing were provided through grants, general funds, administration budget, or telecommunications budget. Three schools did not provide financial information. One internal BBS was established and maintained in an Iowa public school district. It was used by teachers, media specialists, guidance counselors, and administrators. It was used for electronic mail and messages for the school personnel. One school district used TOPS for the software and it is used on a Macintosh and I BM network.

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