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Among the participants in secondary school drama programs, indirect competition, with its emphasis on mastery and personal achievement, may promote the development of successful behaviors such as having the ability to perform tasks skillfully, revealing a commitment to setting and reaching high expectations, showing responsibility, possessing self-esteem and caring for others. Therefore the purpose of this study is to determine an answer to the following question: does indirect competition enhance the success of participants in a secondary school drama program? Because one of the two schools studied does not take part in large group or individual speech contests, this study does not include a look at students' participation in competitive speech contests. Instead, it focuses on individuals' involvement in staged theatrical productions only. This study will examine the theories of competition and success to determine the following three elements: indicators of successful preparations for and presentations of high school plays/musicals, the presence and nature of competition among students involved in high school theatrical productions, and the effects this competition has on the individuals and their theatrical productions.

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Jay A. Edelnant


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