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The purpose of this study was to determine if it was more cost effective to create and maintain selected school library files by a manual method or by a microcomputer method.

The hypotheses were tested by choosing three library files - circulation file, vertical subject heading file, and a materials on-order file - found in a high school library and going through the processes of gathering the data, creating the file, adding to and changing the information and changing the format of the file. Each one of the processes for each file was timed and the amount of materials used to create and maintain the file was recorded. The materials and times were converted into a dollar cost for comparison of the manual and microcomputer methods.

The study shows that of the three files tested, two were more cost efficient to create and maintain on a microcomputer, while the third, the circulation file, was not. A cost study of longer duration, one conducted during the school year, or one using different files might result in different findings. Each file was created only for the purpose of this study and while each file is used in many school libraries, the manner in which they were created and maintained was not a real-life situation.

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Leah Hiland


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