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"Once upon a time, in a place long ago." Thus begins many of the stories that have delighted children and adults all over the world. These words are signals that let people know they are about to enter a world of enchantment. Having entered this strange and wonderful world, people are enthralled or horrified by the sights and sounds that they find there. No matter what the listeners' initial feelings, they are always willing to return to a place long ago with the help of a storyteller. In order to get a better understanding of storytelling events and to improve the quality of storytelling, three things must be examined: the history of storytelling, how storytelling meets the needs of children, and how parents or novice storytellers can gain or improve their storytelling skills. To understand the history of storytelling it is necessary to gather information from all over the globe. This travelling will enable the modern storyteller to gain a better understanding of how storytelling began, how it is still used in parts of the modern world, as well as how today's children can receive some benefits from storytelling experiences.

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