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With the current emphasis on civil rights and the equality of all people, much attention has been given to the minorities in this country. One such minority, the American Negro population, is beginning to demand the rights that they have been denied for centuries. Generations of black Americans have lived without recognition--almost invisibly--in America. They have been separated from whites socially and culturally.

As the Negro population has emerged from oblivion, and the attitudes towards these people have changed, educators have begun to evaluate the portrayal of blacks in literature. Literature has always been a mirror of the times, and children's literature also reflects the thoughts and attitudes surrounding the black people. As the attitudes toward the Negro has changed, the portrayal has changed in children's literature.

The librarian has a very important role as selector of children's materials. The books he makes available to children may influence their attitudes to blacks. Thus, it is important for the librarian to know the history of the portrayal of blacks and be aware of the racist elements in children's books. he must learn to evaluate materials based on their contribution to the development of positive attitudes toward black Americans.

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