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The purpose of this study was to determine the criteria and procedures used in the evaluation of library media specialists in Iowa. Of particular concern was the inclusion of the roles and responsibilities of library media specialists as established in "Information Power" in evaluation instruments. The sample of 100 library media specialists was asked to fill in a questionnaire and return a blank copy of their evaluation instrument. The return rate was 70%.

Seventy-seven percent of library media specialists in the sample are evaluated as teachers. Sixty-nine percent of the 13 library media specialist evaluation instruments contained 50% or more of the indicators for library media specialists as established in "Information Power." Building principals do the evaluations at least once a year for the majority of library media specialists in the sample. Data for the evaluation are gathered mainly through media center observation. Job descriptions are present for 50% of the library media specialists in the sample.

This study implies that most library media specialists in Iowa are evaluated as teachers and the roles and responsibilities as established in "Information Power" are included in evaluation instruments designed specifically for library media specialists.

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