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The purpose of this study is to determine the prevalent characteristics and elements of young adult poetry by examining a random sample of poems by Mel Glenn and Paul Janeczko. The characteristics and elements include themes, subjects, and other items of apparent relevance to teenagers' lives.

Because poems are the data being studied, a qualitative approach is utilized. More specifically, textual analysis is employed because this type of analysis is focused upon text.

The findings show that both sets of poetry contain similar elements and characteristics. All poems studied are of high poetic merit, contain imagery, are relatively simple, and are less than two pages in length. Most of the poems are direct and lyrical/descriptive, are about people, use conversational or contemporary language, contain fictional names of persons, and are very descriptive. Many poems contain some type of conflict, a story element, common experiences, a serious tone, and dialogue. None of the poems is very difficult, contain poetic diction or are of a predescribed form such as haiku or have a regular rhyme scheme.

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