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This research study was conducted to determine what difference (if any) there was in student learning of card catalog skills as taught by three different methods: by the librarian, by a teacher/librarian team, by the teacher as part of the Houghton Mifflin Reading Program. This study was conducted as formative evaluation of these three methods preparatory to the writing of a larger curriculum for library/media skills.

Six classes were selected and placed into the three experimental groups. Group one was taught by the librarian in isolation from regular classroom activities. Group two was taught by the librarian and classroom teacher as a part of a larger social studies unit. Group three was taught as a part of the regular classroom reading program and in isolation from the library. All three groups took the same posttest.

When the means of the three groups were submitted to a one-way ANOVA, no significant difference was found. However, when the means of the six separate classes were analyzed according to the same procedure, there was a highly significant difference. One of the classes in the third experimental group had a much greater range of scores and more scores at the lower end of the scale. Further research is needed to definitively explain this situation.

Since no significant difference was found using the groups as a whole, the skill can be taught using the method that best fits individual building and scheduling criteria.

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Leah Hiland


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