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Encyclopedia of Saints: A Database of Saints of the Catholic Church was written and designed to provide students in grades two through eight with a database file of searchable information about saints of the Catholic church. Saints included in the database came from the Litany of Saints prayer, saints listed in the official calendar of the Catholic church, saints mentioned in three religion textbook series, and saint names cross-referenced to the most common names given to babies at birth. Biographical information was compiled from fourteen collective biographical sources and placed in nine fields of the database. This database will enable children to have easy access to information about the holy and canonized members of the Catholic church.

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Master of Arts


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Marjorie L. Pappas


A printout of the database Encyclopedia of Saints, referenced in the main text, was added to this record as a supplemental file.

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Mroch,Julia database Encyclopedia of the Saints

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Mroch,Julia database Encyclopedia of the Saints