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The following research paper describes a project that took place at a manufacturing company in the Spring of 2016, It involved integrating material handling robots into machining cells, which requires collaboration of many different departments and units within the company. The project was carried out from concept to completion including: working with project managers to conceptualize and finalize a robot cell layout, design and spec out grippers (end-of-arm-tooling), order all of the electrical components, create electrical schematics for the electricians, design safety circuitry, design and program Human Machine Interfaces (HM ls), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), and program the robot. After the robot is running in production, support must be provided to each robot cell to prevent any unforeseen down-time.

The following research paper describes a project which determined that using a robot for in-process gaging can improve manufacturing part quality and alleviate ergonomic and safety concerns without sacrificing cycle time and part throughput.

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Jin Zhu


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