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Reducing the Manufacturing Critical-Path Time


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This research paper presents a project that was conducted in a tractor manufacturing company with the intent to improve the production efficiency of the tractor assembly line. The four specific objectives of the study included; manufacturing critical-path time (MCT), visual factory standard, employee motivation, and employee accountability. From a business standpoint, the most important metric to improve of the four was MCT. The investigative method for determining how MCT could be improved upon was critical path value stream mapping. Using the value stream mapping method, the critical path of the assembly was broken into multiple assembly processes and 10,000 tractors' of process time were evaluated to understand where the most potential existed for MCT reduction. The analysis of the study showed that the greatest opportunity existed in our End of Line (EOL) processes, after the tires were on but before the tractor was invoiced. It was concluded that a mechanism was needed to add visibility to our EOL processes and therefor a tracking system was added to our EOL processes which enabled us to improve all of the above objectives. Along with the tracking system we also looked at our daily operations and ways to improve our standard work for further improvement of our business unit.

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Master of Arts


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Ali E. Kashef


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