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The purpose of this study is to identify why torque is important and why it must be monitored in a factory setting. The goal of this research is to establish a torque control plan and auditing timeline for all torque controlled tooling for manufacturing firms. The overall goal is to ensure consistency and quality for all facets of the manufacturing environment. This study will include "clicker-type" torque wrenches at John Deere Waterloo Works Drive Train facility. A separate method ~ill need to be designed for air tooling than for "clicker-type" torque wrenches as more variables can affect the repeatability and consistency of air tools and therefore the air tool method will not be included in this study. The researcher will evaluate the repeatability of the assembly torque tooling and evaluate the data to determine if there are trends show a timeline for auditing tools.

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Master of Arts


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Scott R. Giese


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