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Engineering drawing, a type of technical drawing, is used to fully and clearly define requirements for engineered items. The sketches or graphics communicate information from one mind to another; drawing consists of various geometric elements and textual data (Jozef V, 2014). In industry there are various types of drawings created for different applications such as product, assembly, machining, welding, hydraulic schematic, electrical schematic, Printed Circuit Board (PCB). After initial release of drawings, checking drawings for further release would be immense task depending on complexity of drawing. Checking smaller drawings (A4 size) won't consume greater time and effort, but larger drawings with multiple sheets would needs hours, days and sometimes demands group of people's effort to go through every bit of drawing. In the checking process, often checker gets distracted from his/her attention and forgets where he stopped. If the drawing is large with multiple sheets and if checker does not find any errors or mistakes in first couple of sheets, checker starts to gain confidence on drawing and begins to lose focus and starts to believe drawing was done with no misstates. Ignoring any piece of information on drawing would turns out to be costly affair. Mistakes that are not spotted will be carried over and parts may also manufacture to the unintentional dimensions. Errors could be expensive depending on complexity of part or product and fixing the mistakes on products is not as easy as fixing errors on drawing paper. Single incorrect part could lead to suspending entire production until the issues are resolved which would be costly deal for industry and its reputation due to delays. Catching errors or mistakes in early stage would save from future catastrophic situations. Another way of checking drawings is with help of software. The use of CAD results in safer, more productive, and more cost-effective (Marcus, Mauri, Haro I do, 2014 ). There are some complications with checking the drawings using CAD software (CreoView MCAD).

The MCAD software is capable of comparing drawings with DXF, DWG file formats. CAD files of both initial revision and future revision must be converted to DXF/DWG file format, then open both files in MCAD software. The software is capable of overlaying both drawings based on the sequence or revision. Detecting errors is essential since the 3D model will be used for 30 printing of prototype parts (Sinisa, 2015).

The purpose of research is to conduct comparative study of manual drawing checking method over automated drawing checking and propose best drawing checking solution.

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Master of Science


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Nageswara Rao Posinasetti


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