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Call center performance related issues are primary challenges for the management and vital to be solved since these issues affect both the corporate customer's satisfaction and call center organization's profit. This research paper presents the development of the Performance Improvement Training Program (PITP) and evaluates its effectiveness on call center agents' performance by analyzing such performance measures as call time duration, number of incoming calls handled per day, post-work time duration, and time duration and number of holds. In addition to development of PITP, the purpose of the research paper is also to investigate its effectiveness on call center agent performance. Along with the research purpose, the business related goal of this research is to solve Company A's (the company performs the call outsourcing service) work performance issue by identifying the causes of problems in call agents' work, finding possible solutions to the problems and developing a training program for existing and new call center agents to continuously improve performance. Both qualitative and quantitative methods were performed by comparing a group of three call center agents' performance before and after training sessions by randomly selecting, listening to, and analyzing three agent's call conversations. The study led to the results that indicated that agents' performance improved after the training was provided and the conclusion that the Performance Improvement Training Program can be a fundamental tool for call center managers to develop or modify training structures and materials to improve call center agents' performance for call service industries.

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Master of Arts


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Julie Zhang


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