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The purpose of the study was to determine the extent to which both state and national standards for school media centers were achieved by selected elementary schools in Iowa served by media specialists. Survey instruments were mailed to 116 schools in an attempt to assess the degree to which minimum quantitative requirements for personnel, expenditures, materials, equipment, and cataloging and classification, were met.

Based on 53.4 percent of the original sample, results showed none of the responding attendance centers meeting all the state requirements, and none meeting all the national requirements, selected for the survey. Nearly 71 percent of the respondents met at least one half the state requirements, and close to 18 percent met at least one half the national requirements.

Although based on a small proportion of the total population, overall results of this study show elementary school media centers in Iowa in need of more personnel, higher budgets, and more materials and equipment to come up to both state and national standards.

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Master of Arts


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Mary Lou Mc Grew


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Summer 1976

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