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This research was conducted to evaluate the performance of the Laser Touch™ targeting device once attached to a manual spray gun. It was perceived that this innovative tool increases the transfer efficiency of the spray process in painting and coating operations for the manufacturing industry. Also, it was theorized that the Laser Touch™ minimizes paint consumption and volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the spray system and improves the finish quality of the sprayed parts. Therefore, these parameters were compared and analyzed to determine the benefits of the Laser Touch™.

An experimental study was designed involving one group which was pre-tested, exposed to a treatment, and post-tested. All the independent variables were monitored and kept stable as possible during the study. The two critical factors were the Laser Touch™ targeting device and the spray technicians skill. The test was conducted in the Paint and Coating Enhancement (PACE) facility located in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

The study sample consisted of 12 spray technicians from the manufacturing industry. Two types of flat aluminum parts were sprayed by the spray technicians without and with the Laser Touch™ targeting device. A high volume-low pressure spray gun and a high solid coating were the basis of this study. Data was recorded, tabulated, and analyzed statistically using a spreadsheet program. Results of this study supported the research questions and confirmed that the Laser Touch™ is an effective tool for improving transfer efficiency, reducing paint consumption and volatile organic compounds released by the spray system.

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Teresa Hall


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