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The purpose of the study The Effect of Displays on Students' Book Selections was to investigate whether students would choose books from a display more often than when the books were shelved in regular order at the Starmont Community Schools K-8 Media Center. The thirty items selected for the display had not circulated five times during the current school year and were recommended in the 17th edition of Wilson's Children's Catalog. During the three week period when the display was in place students in third through eighth grade who visited the media center were videotaped to monitor book selection behaviors. At the conclusion of the study, the videotapes were analyzed, interviews conducted, and circulation statistics were examined to investigate whether or not the display was noticed by students or had any affect on the check out of the books in the display. The results of this study provided several insights into what effect, if any, displays have on book selection by students in a school media center.

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Master of Arts


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Barbara Safford


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