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A Literature Review of the Optimization of Cover Material Usage in Magnesium Treatment Tundish Process


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The purpose of this paper is to show how to more efficiently produce ductile iron at lower costs by removing magnesium ferro-silicon from the tundish ladle and replacing it with increased amounts of cover steel material to delay magnesium reaction when molten metal is tapped into tundish ladle. This paper will briefly explain different methods of ductile iron treatment with magnesium ferro-silicon alloy and will compare those to John Deere Foundry's tundish method of treatment. The paper will discuss what the near future holds for production of ductile iron as compared to that of gray iron. It will discuss some of the literature that has already been written about magnesium recovery, the industry standards as stated by American Society of Materials and American Foundry Society, our project objective, the procedure in which the test was conducted, the results of our test and what conclusions these tests enabled John Deere Foundry to make.

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Master of Arts


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Yury Lerner

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