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The purpose of this graduate project was for the writer to finish Silky Ears and Secret Letters, a chapter book for readers in grades three through seven. The main character in the story is Marcie Hargate, a sixth grader who does not fit in with her peers and who endures her classmates' taunting. Marcie's only friend is her basset hound, Rutherford. Rutherford is Marcie's confidante; and when she starts to receive letters signed by "Ghost Girl," the basset hound is the first to know. The letters from Ghost Girl worry Marcie because Ghost Girl often suggests in her letters that things aren't quite right at home. Eventually, Marcie learns that Gabby, the prettiest and one of the most popular girls in middle school, is Ghost Girl. Marcie and Gabby become friends for only a short time. Because Gabby is being abused by her father, Gabby and her mother move to Pennsylvania, leaving Marcie friendless once again.

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Master of Arts


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Barbara Safford


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