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This research was done to see how the three readability tests, the FOG Index, the Fry Readability Graph, and the Flesch Readability Test, compare on fiction books. The fiction books tested were the ones checked out of the Riceville Community High School Library by students in grades nine through twelve.

There were one hundred and seventy-seven (177) books checked out. They had a. FOG Index grade level range from 4.1 to 29.3, a Fry Readability Graph grade level range from 2 to 13, and a Flesch Readability Test grade level range from 5 to 15. The means (X1), medians (X2), and modes (X3) were: FOG Index (X1) 10.75, (X2) 9.8-9.9, and (X3) 9.1; Fry Readability Graph (X1) 7.15, (X2) 7, and (X3) 7; and Flesch Readability Test (X1) 7.47, (X2) 7, and (X3) 7.

It was found that the Fry Readability Graph and the Flesch Readability Test gave the most consistent results for the whole set of fiction books checked out. It was also found that the FOG Index usually gave the highest grade level scores.

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Master of Arts


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Elizabeth Martin


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