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There is currently a gap in services for individuals with disabilities. There is a staff shortage in the disability services field that has further exasperated many psychosocial concerns for individuals with disabilities. It has also placed an added strain on the families of these individuals. Camps can help to fill these gaps and provide a service that will have a positive impact on the individuals and their families. The staff who work at camp play a crucial part in providing this service. They need to be supported and well-trained to provide the best care available.

The following paper will examine the current literature on all parts of the camp experience looking at the camp setting, the impacts camp has on the overall well-being of the individuals and families being served, and the impact working at camp has on the staff who dedicate their time. This paper suggests that further research should be conducted on the training staff receive before working at camp as well as best practices in staff recruitment and retention.

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Master of Arts


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Julianne Gassman

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