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The COVID-19 pandemic and the Great Resignation have both had significant impacts on the current workforce and will have far-reaching implications for professionals in all industries. The nonprofit sector is estimated to be the third largest employer in the United States and suffered crippling job losses during the pandemic. This literature review examined the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the nonprofit sector through the lens of organizational resilience in order to determine whether there is a cause and effect relationship between organizational resilience indicators, or lack thereof, in response to the pandemic and the Great Resignation.

The push and pull factors introduced into the economy by the COVID-19 pandemic offered workers the opportunity to evaluate their work-life balance and the role that work plays within their values system. Though it was ultimately determined that the COVID-19 pandemic was not a direct cause of the Great Resignation, rather an impetus which propelled it forward, the impacts of both phenomena on the labor force will continue to have significant long-term implications as economies recover and organizations seek to rebuild and bolster their infrastructure to accommodate the new status quo in order to reestablish and strengthen their resilience moving forward.

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