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Physics--Study and teaching (Secondary); Examinations--Design and construction;


In the spring of 2014, I was reading the current issue of The Physics Teacher and an article caught my eye, titled ‘Physics Exams that Promote Collaborative Learning’ (Wieman, Rieger, & Heiner, 2014). The article described utilizing two-stage exams in a college physics course as not only a form of summative assessment, but as another learning experience. Upon reading it I immediately thought that I could utilize this in my classroom. In most of the research reviewed, two-stage assessments involve taking an assessment individually, and then immediately taking the same assessment again with a partner or small group. Some researchers have varied the sequence between individual and group tests, but the peer collaboration aspect is a critical piece in all of all research I have found. The process sounded relatively simple, engaging, student centered, and collaborative. My teaching philosophy is rooted in constructivism, social constructivist theory, inquiry, and modeling. Students in my classes are encouraged to work together and help one another through peer-to-peer instruction and collaboration, and are often engaged with each other to solve problems and build their understanding. Therefore, incorporating some type of two-stage assessment would clearly align with my teaching structure and philosophy.

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