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School librarians--Professional relationships--Iowa--Cedar County; Public librarians--Professional relationships--Iowa--Cedar County;


The purpose of this research study is to develop an understanding of the collaborative relationships between teacher librarians and public librarians in Cedar County, Iowa, a region that includes five public school districts, seven public town libraries, and one branch of a county library system. Additionally, this research explores the potential role of public librarians in working with students on school curriculum and/or homework assignments. In conducting research, a survey was given to a variety of participants who serve teens or young adults through either public schools or public libraries in the research study area. Participants included school librarians, public librarians, classroom teachers, and administrators. In addition to the survey, teacher librarians and public librarians were asked to voluntarily participate in a follow-up interview that included additional questions as well as the opportunity to elaborate on survey responses. The research recorded the frequency and percentages of responses, looking for and noting commonalities in the participants’ responses. The researcher discovered that a majority of the teacher librarians and public librarians surveyed are engaged in some form of professional relationship. Common current collaborative practices include mutual promotion of youth programs or events and shared resources. A disconnect emerged, however, concerning public librarians and their role in collaboration on school curriculum and student homework assignments. While all participants interviewed believe that the pursuit of collaborative relationships is worthwhile, responses differed concerning the library staff’s responsibility in helping students with homework assignments. In general, participants’ responses indicated current successful practices in collaboration as well as the potential for stronger relationships, including collaboration on school curriculum and student homework assignments, in the future.

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