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Unemployment is a stressor event that affects the functioning and homeostasis of the entire family system. The sources of stress are a function of the material scarcity brought on by financial loss, the unemployed family member's loss of the breadwinner role, and the family unit's loss of status. In addition, the re-employment process imposes stress on the system. The effects of unemployment are apparent when the family is conceptualized as a social system where each member is a subsystem that affects and is affected by each of the other subsystem family members. Theoretically, the family system maintains a balance or homeostasis that sustains is life and way of functioning. When the system experiences sudden stressor events such as unemployment, disequilibrium occurs. Family roles are lost or shifted such that unemployment does not just affect individuals. As a result, some families are negatively impacted as manifested by deteriorated familial and external social relationships.

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