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The pressure to control hospital costs has had and will continue to have an impact on the funding of health sciences libraries. The concept of fees-for-services has been frequently posed as a means of generating revenue. But, there is very little data available on the effect fees would have on the demand for library services. The purpose of this study was to query the users of computer literature searching and interlibrary loan services at Allen Memorial Hospital in Waterloo, Iowa in an attempt to ascertain the feasibility of charging fees for these services as a means of producing revenue for the library. Upon analyzing the data gathered from a questionnaire survey of all of the users of these two services during the year 1989, it can be concluded that charging fees would significantly lower the demand for these services. The partial-fee for interlibrary loan services was the only fee which could be charged without a significant reduction in the demand for the service. The Health Sciences Library at Allen Memorial Hospital should not depend on user fees as a major source of revenue at this time.

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Master of Arts


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Leah Hiland


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