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The major purposes of this research were to analyze the portrayal of emotionally disturbed characters in books which adolescents are reading and to attempt to determine if this portrayal was realistic and balanced in terms of the entire group of books. A panel of experts was used to obtain a sample of ten books. The portrayals of twelve characters from these ten books were analyzed using an inventory of twelve elements which were derived from traditional stereotypes of the emotionally disturbed. The results of this analysis suggested that, for the most part, a realistic and generally balanced portrayal of emotionally disturbed characters exists in these books. Some definite patterns emerged, however, in the areas of family position of the character, socio-economic class of the character's family, and ethnic group of the character. The patterns suggested that a stereotyped presentation may exist in these three areas but further analysis of these elements in other books would be necessary to determine if the patterns are significant.

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Master of Arts


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Gerald G. Hodges


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