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This research was based on a concern for libraries in third world countries. A study of literature about public and school libraries in two developing countries in the Middle East was conducted. Based on the evidence that certain conditions were present in the United States and Europe before library development began, this researcher isolated eight of these conditions to research whether they were in existence or growing in Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Two hypotheses were-tested. First, political stability was evident. Secondly, evidence of growth in the following seven conditions were studied: education, economic growth, government commitment towards libraries, urbanization, presence of a book trade, formation of a national professional library association, and professional library literature.

The first hypothesis was accepted. The second hypothesis was rejected for the factors of education, presence of a book trade, and professional library literature aspects. In each of the three factors, data for Saudi Arabia did not demonstrate growth.

Further study could be done using a different format, by studying the effects of multiple language usage on library development, and by delving into other related topics. The overall effects of independent or international sources of aid on library development in a developing country would also be beneficial to research.

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Elizabeth Martin


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