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Since the Dewey Decimal System, upon which the organization of most public and school libraries is based, is not likely to be well understood through a random approach, and since many individual items in the library require, for fullest use and benefit, an understanding of their organization and purpose, the hypothesis of this paper is that skills in the use of the library as a whole and of its many materials need to be taught in a formal manner.

In an effort to conclude whether this hypothesis has validity, the writer has sought to learn what many students of the library have written on the subject. In addition, a survey was conducted of a number of selected high school libraries regarding their present practices of teaching library skills. This was done in the anticipation that learning how library skills are presently being taught would illumine the causes of ineffective, or even non-use, of libraries and hopefully, could assist in determining implications for future instruction in these skills.

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Master of Arts


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Charles Adams


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