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The purpose of the study was to find out what the role perceptions of the media specialists are and if there is any significant differences held among teachers', media specialists', and administrators' perceptions of the media specialist's role in the elementary school. A sample group of eight teachers were systematically selected from each of the 24 schools in the target group along with all 24 administrators and media specialists. The participants were sent a questionnaire to obtain their perceptions of the three major roles of the library media specialist: instructional consultant, information specialist, and teacher.

The following conclusions were made: (1) no significant differences were found among perceptions by adminstrators and media specialists about the three media specialists' roles-- information specialist, instructional consulant, and teacher. (2) a significant difference does exist between how media specialists and teachers perceive the instructional consultant role and information specialist role of the media specialist, and (3) no significant differences were found about the three media specialists' roles among the three groups based on gender of the respondent, years of teaching of the respondent, or highest degree held by repondent.

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Master of Arts


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Leah Hiland


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