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A content analysis of eighteen novels for readers in grad•• five through nine was conducted to investigate the portrayal of children's emotional reactions to their parents' divorce. Novels were limited to those published between 1981 and 1986 and recommended in Best Books for Children, Booklist's "Best Books for Young Adults" or "Notable Books for Children, or Booklist reviews prior to July 1, 1986.

Using a checklist with manifestations of each emotional reaction, the researcher noted the occurrence of ten common reactions: denial, grief or depression, fear of abandonment and rejection, guilt, immaturity or hypermaturity, anger, preoccupation with thoughts of parental reconciliation, anxiety or worry, loneliness, and divided loyalty. The researcher accepted nine of the ten hypotheses, that the novels would realistically portray the ten emotional reactions. Every reaction but preoccupation with parental reconciliation was portrayed in at least half of the novels studied.

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Elizabeth Martin


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