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A primary responsibility of an administrator is to provide leadership and direction to personnel within the organization in an effort to realize maximum efficiency of operation. Not unlike the endeavors in the business world, educational administrators must accept as a primary responsibility the evaluation of personnel. As reported by Sapone, "The major purpose of an organization must be to coordinate the activities of its personnel toward greater educational efficiency and effectiveness." (34: 44) Ryans suggested that the goodness of an educational program is determined to a large extent by the teaching act. He went on to suggest that the identification of qualified teaching personnel constitutes one of the most important educational concerns. (33: 1) The evaluation of teachers is one function that an administrator can ill-afford to ignore or to perform with little degree of professionalism. To ensure a quality educational program, the administrator must be concerned with the quality of work performed by the instructional staff, and must take a leading role in the process of evaluating that work.

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Master of Arts in Education


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Donald L. Hanson


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