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The rate of teenage sexual involvement is at an all-time high. It is estimated that 11.6 million teenagers between the ages 13-19 have had sexual intercourse, resulting in over 800,000 teenage pregnancies each year. With statistics such as these, problems arise: sexually active teens are at risk for contracting diseases such as AIDS, teenage mothers may often drop out of school, and many teen mothers live in poverty (Christopher & Roosa, 1990). In addition, children learn facts about sex at younger ages than did their parents and grandparents. On the positive side, there is the increasing maternal effort to impart information about sex, as well as increased sex education in the schools. On the negative side, there is greater and more explicit exposure to sex in the media. In addition, the peer group, which is very influential, transmits unreliable and inaccurate information (Chilman, 1983). This misinformation, which contributes to the increase in sexual activity, has not been offset by safe, cautious messages from parents, religion, and the schools.

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