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This meta-analysis literature review was conducted by examining 24 scholarly articles to investigate the effects of systematic phonological awareness in the early primary grades and beyond. Children in these studies ranged from preschool, and in some studies continued to be monitored through fourth grade and beyond. The articles were gathered from APA Psycinfo and ERIC with search terms that included phonological awareness instruction in kindergarten aged students. The effects of these studies varied with the extent of the classroom’s rich phonological awareness and their intentional scaffolding.

This review was set up to investigate the correlation between phonological awareness and the ability to read and write as the children progressed through preschool and in some cases through the fourth grade and beyond.

Through this investigation it was found that intentional systematic phonological awareness instruction can and has improved a child’s ability to read and write. The study also provides data that proves that having an intentional systematic phonological awareness program with highly trained teachers provides the child with life long skills that follows them throughout their life.

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