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School administrators--Attitudes; Teacher-administrator relationships; Student-administrator relationships;


As teachers and administrators, we need to constantly support each other and appreciate all that we give to our students. We need to realize that in education we will not always meet with success, but we need to continue to look at ways in which to do our jobs better. Principals need to be the people who work to keep their faculties and staff in a positive/progressive direction. Administrators and teachers need to set their own goals, working constantly to achieve them. As you hit roadblocks, you need to find alternatives to get you back on the road. Education is not an easy job. Educators have a great deal of stress in their lives. It is not a job that is always appreciated by others, but one that brings many challenges to those who pursue them. Caring about the people around you is an important goal for all administrators. Being able to listen and help when people are having problems, shows parents, students, and staff that you really care about what they think and do. People skills are, in my opinion, the most important quality that you need as an administrator. These skills will help you find cooperation from others, as you work to achieve the goals you have set. As a future administrator, I see balancing the work that you do as a manager and as a leader as imperative. Being a manager is a necessary part of the job. Being a leader is a choice you make as an administrator. Schools today need more leaders. The challenges that we face on a daily basis are astounding. An administrator's work day never ends, but even with the huge work load, we must strive to be leaders within our schools and our communities . Being an administrator and/or teacher within a school system and working with students on a daily basis , is a privilege few people get to experience. To meet all the needs of our students, is a tough challenge to fulfill. It is a challenge that should be welcome by each of us as educators, as we work to make each student have the success in education that they so truly need and deserve in their lives.

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Master of Arts in Education


Educational Leadership, Counseling, and Postsecondary Education

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Robert H. Decker


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