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This qualitative case study reports the extent to which a pleasure reading curriculum contributes to students’ passion for reading and also how a teacher librarian can influence the development, implementation, and assessment of a pleasure reading curriculum through co-planning, co-teaching, and co-assessment. This study from a rural metropolitan school in central Iowa consisted of 25 students in sixth and seventh grade and their pleasure reading teacher who met daily over the course of six weeks in a pleasure reading class. The teacher librarian also had a role in the class as she collaborated with the classroom teacher multiple times and met with students over the course of five days. The students, pleasure reading teacher, and teacher librarian each played an important role in the development, implementation, and assessment of the pleasure reading curriculum. The researcher discovered three themes. Theme one is In a community of students who all had pleasure reading in common, each student had different ideas as to how a pleasure reading curriculum could contribute to their passion for reading. Theme two is An individualized pleasure reading curriculum brought students together to create a community of readers. Theme three is Co-planning in intentional one-minute hallway conversations, co-teaching by creatively borrowing time from another class, and co-assessing formative student feedback led to successful teacher-librarian targeted-10-minute-a-day topics of expertise.

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