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Kathy Gumm


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Communication begins at birth. As a child grows older needs and desires expand and new language skills are needed for expression and refined communication. As children approach school age and move into the larger community, development of communication becomes imperative. The public school system offers education to a wide variety of students. This includes those children who are delayed in language development. Language problems can be due to genetic defects at birth, such as Down Syndrome, lack of stimulation in home environment, and physical handicaps, such as cerebral palsy. Such problems hinder children from verbally expressing their needs, thoughts, and desires. The public school system has to provide an appropriate education for these language-delayed children. How can this best be accomplished? What are the most effective methods? What does research suggest? These are important questions to be answered. They will provide direction to classroom teachers and special education teachers.

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Master of Arts in Education


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Mary Nan Aldridge

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