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Language arts -- Correlation with content subjects; Interdisciplinary approach in education;


Based on professional reading on the values of an integrated curriculum and a literature-based approach to integrating the language arts and the science areas, a unit on energy--fossil fuel, solar, wind, hydroelectric, nuclear, and geothermal--was developed for grade five. By integrating the content and processes of science and the processes of the language arts, students' understanding of the science concepts and their thinking-language abilities could be extended. A literature base, represented by several genres, enriched the learning environment of this unit. The learning experiences were presented through centers, many of them literature-based, and teacher-directed sessions. The students' responses to the unit were assessed by qualitative means--student journals, Venn diagrams, and a rubric. The students found the options for learning energizing. As a result, they took charge of their learning.

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Master of Arts in Education


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Jeanne McLain Harms

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