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Science -- Study and teaching (Elementary);


I was made acutely aware of the lack of science education in the elementary grades during a spring, 1995, class at the University of Northern Iowa, entitled Analysis and Improvement of Science in the Elementary Classroom. Currently in American schools, elementary science classes receive a mere 10% of the instructional time (Abell & Roth, 1992). As an elementary teacher of 25 years in second, third and fourth grades, I know this was true in my classroom as well as being a generally accepted practice among other elementary teachers. During my preservice preparation the emphasis of college training and student teaching was in the reading/language arts areas. It was possible to graduate in 1960 in a two-year teacher training program at my junior college without a single course in the teaching of science, but several reading/language courses were required. In the three elementary schools where I have taught, reading/language arts was the main focus of the academic day.

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