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This whole process began with the decision on a research topic. I had considered a few ideas that included English textbooks or grammar instruction. But I had a habit (which started in undergrad) of picking topics that were not typically covered. I wanted to do something unique, different, and something that would relate more closely to my own experiences and teaching. A convergence of ideas slowly connected: a professor mentioning an essay by Paul Gruchow about what we teach rural students, reading James Hosic’s 1917 report that described rural students as essentially devoid of all intellect/culture, reading another of Gruchow’s essays regarding seeing writing in one’s own place for a creative nonfiction class. All of these things got me thinking about rural students’ place, not only in the world, but in the world of writing. Could students from small towns - the same small towns with closed or consolidated schools, dwindling church congregations, fewer jobs, fewer college-educated citizens, and an overall unspoken (and sometimes spoken) rule of pragmatism in the form of a stable job with a decent wage - aspire to be writers? Surely - based on my own experience and others - there were talented writers in these small schools. Surely the next great journalist, poet, author, playwright, or blogger could come from an alphabet soup-lettered school.

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