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Best business practices in cause-related marketing


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Charities--Marketing; Business enterprises--Marketing; Social responsibility of business;


Despite the good intentions of cause-related marketing campaigns, they can often fall short of their directed purpose. These failed ventures lead to distrust and negative emotions from those who wanted to use a CRM campaign for good. Due to the explosion of growth in the use of cause-related marketing campaigns for sponsorship, it is important to look into the factors of what a successful CRM campaign looks like. The purpose in doing this, is to avoid CRM campaigns that fail to meet its desired outcomes.

This paper explores the elements and drivers that build a healthy cause-related marketing relationship between the two key players of the event. They are a nonprofit organization and for profit business. This paper utilized five research questions about the structure of a cause-related marketing relationship to address the literature review process. The results of the literature review provides processes and guidelines for nonprofits and businesses to consider using in their cross-sector collaborations.

The literature review in this paper highlights the work of many peer-reviewed authors and their research related to cause-related marketing. The main focus points were cause-related marketing methods, cause-related marketing strategies, cause-related marketing campaign planning, and consumer’s perceptions of cause-related marketing. The results showed that there are many strategic operations that can used to help guarantee a positive outcome in cause-relating marketing campaign. Each individual entity can utilize the suggestions to determine which controls are best suited for their campaign.

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