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Advocacy and social justice work has become a widely discussed topic over the past year, especially in the nonprofit world. As organizations work to move their mission forward and address critical issues in their community, they must balance the delicate relationships they have with their clients, their supporters, other organizations, and the community as a whole. This includes navigating their mission, vision, and values and the values and beliefs of supporters and community members. Taking an active role in advocacy and social justice work can impact these relationships, but little research has been done that shows what that impact could be. The following paper will examine the current literature that is available on nonprofit advocacy and social justice work, including the importance of an organization’s mission, vision, and values and organizational identity. Because the current research is limited, the paper argues for additional research to be conducted on the impact of nonprofit advocacy and social justice work on funding and support. The paper will also propose opportunities for future research that could effectively support nonprofit organizations in pursuing advocacy and social justice work.

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Department of Health, Recreation, and Community Services

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Julianne Gassman

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