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Nonprofit organizations--Technological innovations; Social media--Influence;


The importance of technology within the 3rd sector of nonprofit organizations has long been discussed, however, the ever evolving impact of technology and the pressure this instills in nonprofit organizations has not. Here we aim to cover how this evolving technology has impacted nonprofits organizations in the way they acquire talent or conduct performance management. We demonstrate how technology has changed both the type of data nonprofits collect and the usage. In the course of this review, we found volunteerism has been affected and best practices to further engage an organization’s volunteer pool. Finally, we illustrate how evolving technology has influenced the way nonprofits are able to operate with transparency and remain accountable to their various stakeholders. Future work could include studies directly comparing nonprofit and for-profit organization’s uses of the same technology. Also studies that follow an organization as they evolve and not just as they are starting or finishing using a piece of technology would be beneficial. Overall we conclude that a nonprofit organization’s resources are directly related to their ability to use technology effectively at any level.

Keywords: digital advocacy, electronic advocacy, big data, digital literacy

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Department of Health, Recreation, and Community Services

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Julianne Gassman

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