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Nonprofit organizations--Employees; Fund raising;


The point of nonprofit fundraising is simply to raise money that would enable an organization to live up to its mission. Within most nonprofit organizations, this means getting every employees regardless of their roles to participate effectively. However, not every nonprofit employee is a professional fundraiser or at least have fundraising experience. This research presents an overview of the academic literature on the fundamentals associated with fundraising in the nonprofit sector. Specifically, as it relates to effective employees’ participation among those employees who are not primarily hired to fundraise for their organization. The research also explores the underlining factors that influences employees’ willingness to participate effectively in fundraising. The study investigates four areas deemed relevant to the discourse: (a) perceived challenges associated with nonprofit fundraising; (b) organizational factors like size, wages, and mission statement; (c) proper recruitment and training of employees; (d) creating and maintaining a culture that promotes best fundraising practices. Taking into consideration some organizational factors, the result demonstrates that effective employees’ participation in fundraising increases when employees are properly trained and included in the strategic planning process of the fundraising. The study also suggests that employees who do not have experience in fundraising come in with preconceived notion about fundraising and its challenges. Therefore, lacks the willingness to participate effectively. The findings also offer a basic background for future research in understanding and addressing effective employees’ participation in fundraising especially, among those who were not primarily hired to fundraise for their organizations.

Keywords:nonprofit sector, nonprofit organizations, fundraising, effective employees’ participation.

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