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The purpose of this study is to determine who in the Iowa high schools is responsible for the cataloging of audio and visual materials and the methods, sources, and treatment of cataloging audio and visual materials. Hypothesis

1. In Iowa high schools, the School Librarian (Media Specialist) is responsible for the professional aspects of the cataloging of audio and visual materials 100% of the t\me even though an Educational Media Specialist is employed by the high school.

2. Color banding and/or colored cards are used in 50% of the high schools.

3. For classification of audio and visual materials 75% of the high schools use Dewey Decimal Classification and 25% use accession number systems.

4. A media code as part of the call number or the type of media printed in full above the call number is used by 75% of the high school librarians (media specialists).

5. Anglo-American Cataloging Rules (AACR) is used by 80 "of the high school librarians (media specialists).

6. In high schools, 90% of the audio and visual materials are housed in the library or media center.

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Elizabeth Martin


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