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The purpose of this research was to examine Holocaust literature for young adults to determine if the books in this sample are historically accurate, have themes of survival and resistance, and portray characters who model positive attributes of citizenship. This researcher read 24 books copyrighted between 1992-2008 that were selected from H. W. Wilson's Junior High and Middle School Core Collection and Senior High School Core Collection. Nineteen of the twenty-four books read by this researcher were copyrighted after the year 2000. The data gathered provided evidence that 15 (63%) of the books sampled were historically accurate and were fictionalized accounts of real survivors of the Holocaust. Of the books sampled, 27 (96%) of the 28 main characters survived the war either in a concentration camp, in a ghetto, or as a part of the resistance. One hundred percent of the books sampled portrayed evidence that some of the Gentiles were empathetic to the plight of the Jews and other persecuted peoples and in various ways modeled positive attributes of citizenship.

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Karla Krueger, First Reader

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Judith M. Finkelstein


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